History, Theology and Salvation

Each of the videos on the Exploring Faith page were originally hand drawn diagrams I use to explain Christian ideas to enquirers. This section aims to teach people to draw these diagrams themselves. This will enable you to explain the gospel wherever you are, and in your own words.

This video outlines the Three levels of Christianity. It’s not hard to learn or draw and explains a process to help people work out their questions.


Questions in a logical way

The reason I explain faith this way is to help an enquirer work out where their questions lie and then deal with those questions in an ordered way. People often have many intersecting questions, and don’t know where to begin. The idea of the three levels provides a logical process.

For example: there’s no point dealing with questions regarding faith and salvation if you don’t actually believe that Jesus existed. Discussing the changes a person might make to their life before you’ve clarified if Jesus actually walked the planet is a fruitless exercise.

Christianity is a faith founded on historical events and so to investigate the historical claims first, then the meaning of those claims and then the personal implications of those claims is a reasonable process.

There’s no point dealing with questions regarding faith and salvation if you don’t actually believe that Jesus existed.

This doesn’t mean that every historical question must be resolved before asking the bigger questions, but knowing which questions come first helps the process.

Classify questions

If a person has dozens of questions it could be good to write them all down and classify them according to Historical?, Theological? or Faith?. Then start with the Historical? column.

As always, it’s better to say ‘I don’t know, I’ll find out’ than make up an answer. Make sure you write the unanswered questions down so you can actually find an answer! It helps if you write down an answer when you find it because writing brings clarity.

Why use Hitler?

The illustration with Hitler, The Third Reich and Nazism is important because it’s a clear example of ‘history that’s believed and ideology that’s understood; but not applied personally’ by most people in the world.

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