Explaining Faith

If you understand who Jesus is and what he has done, then you will want to explain your faith to other people. Use this page to learn how to do that. Watch the videos, practice drawing the diagrams yourself and then use them to explain your faith in Jesus in your own context.

Structure and Explanation

Each of the videos on the Exploring Faith page were originally hand drawn diagrams I developed to explain Christian ideas to enquirers. This section aims to teach people to draw these diagrams themselves. This will enable you to explain the gospel wherever you are, and in your own words.

The ‘Doodly’ videos are closer to the hand drawn experience and rely on the structure of the original diagrams rather than the moving images in the professional videos. I hope they’re useful!

The Key to Christianity

The Key to Christianity Training video link

The Whole Bible

The Whole Bible Training video link

The ‘I Do’ Moment

The 'I Do' Moment training video link.

Understanding Sin

Understanding Sin training video link

History, Theology, Salvation

History, Theology, Salvation training video link